Exit Strategy Planning.

Retired couple signing documents.

Is it Sellable?

If your answer is NO to any of these questions, you need PBB:

  • Will you own your business forever?
  • Do you know the value of your business?
  • Do you know if your company’s current value can support your retirement plan?
  • Do you have a plan?

Exit Plan.

PBB provides exit strategy & succession planning. Eventually, ALL owners will exit their business. A comprehensive plan is required to ensure the legacy you want to leave behind.

Exit Strategy Planning. Valuations.
Mergers & Acquisitions.

Over 300 Businesses Sold with a 95% Success Rate.

Your Most Important Asset.

For many owners, their most important asset & significant source of their retirement portfolio is their business. An exit strategy will help maximize net proceeds, minimize taxes, and provide a smooth and secure transition. Studies have shown that 87% of business owners have no exit or succession plan.

Fair Market, Value.

Most owners know “how much they need or want” from the sale of their business, but seldom does that equal its value. Only when you know the company's value can you take the necessary steps to maximize the value.

What You Get from PBB.

  • A confidential service
  • Customized exit planning program including ongoing financial “check-ups.”
  • Comprehensive valuation report
  • Increased business value
  • Business exit planning built around your goals

Exit Strategy FAQs.

Business exit planning helps provide a road map for maximizing value. It sometimes takes a couple of years to implement an exit plan in order to sell the business and achieve the greatest return.

Every business owner will be leaving their business either voluntarily or involuntarily. All business owners should know the value of their business and have an exit plan in place.

Business owners will likely be forced to sell their business below fair market value. And create avoidable stress and frustration.