Buying a Business.

A woman business owner.

Buying a Business is a Life-Changing Decision.

A business acquisition is a complex process, and buyers benefit from having an ethical and professional intermediary involved. Brokers add significant value in properly summarizing and rationalizing a company’s business and growth prospects, collecting the relevant diligence being an unemotional conduit between the buyer and the business owner. When Pensacola Business Brokers offers businesses for sale, we help you understand what you are buying and help you reach the closing table.


We review your (or your firm’s) needs, background, and financials and make our assessment of fit and confirm both parties’ commitment. With years of M&A experience to guide us, we save everyone time.


We require that you sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Confidentiality in acquisitions is in everyone’s best interest.


You receive a Confidential Information Memorandum detailing essential facts and figures of the business, including. History, normalized statements, customers and markets, operations, personnel, facilities, key personnel summaries, fixed assets, intangible assets, essential relationships, industry, competition, and more. After you absorb this information, we facilitate a meeting with the owner and site visit.

Exit Strategy Planning. Valuations.
Mergers & Acquisitions.

Over 300 Businesses Sold with a 95% Success Rate.

Offers & Negotiations.

We facilitate negotiations to reach an agreement on price & terms. We can assist in developing a letter of intent or offer to purchase, including appropriate contingencies. We confirm our agency relationship before an offer is made.

Due Diligence.

In-depth due diligence begins after an offer is accepted. PBB schedules and facilitates this process. We coordinate with specialists during the due diligence investigations. Once your concerns are resolved and conditions satisfied, the transaction proceeds.


When required, we liaise with (and often recommend) debt capital sources. Our knowledge of their needs and what they can and cannot approve increases your chance of success and saves time and stress.

Project Management.

We work closely with transaction attorneys and other specialists throughout the process. We can recommend such professionals as needed. We attend to numerous details and quarterback activities to keep the process moving toward a successful closing and a smooth transfer of ownership.

Buy a Business FAQs.

Your business broker will handle all the details of the business sale, including:

  1. Recommendation of legal representation accountant to help with financial due diligence.
  2. Funding.
  3. Coordination with other business professionals such as business/property appraisal, environmental assessment, and survey.

An existing business has proven financial records, trained employees, customers, cash flow from day one, ongoing marketing/advertising programs. Sellers will provide long-term transition assistance and, in some cases, seller financing. Most business failures happen primarily in small/medium start-up businesses.

At PBB, we perform a business valuation for a business owner to determine its fair market value and review it with the seller. PBB does not list businesses based on what an owner needs and/or wants. The price must be close to fair market value, or we do not list it.